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Nr Name Date
PC007 Analiit LLC 19.12.2018
PC027 Bureau Technical Inspection O Accred. is suspended 28.08.2018
PC026 Certification Centre of Recycled Materials 19.12.2018
PC017 Certification Centre of the Tallinn University of Technology 15.06.2019
PC022 Engineering Company Vahter & Hendrikson Ltd 29.04.2019
PC028 GSI SLV Baltikum O Accred.withdrawal from 07.01.2019
PC005 Inspecta Estonia O 23.08.2018
PC020 IsoTech O Accred.withdrawal from 26.05.2019
PC002 Metrosert Ltd 23.01.2019
PC025 NEPCon O 16.06.2015
PC009 SGS Estonia Ltd 27.10.2016
PC011 Teede Tehnokeskus Ltd 19.05.2018
PC010 TT Labor Ltd 15.11.2016
PC018 TV Eesti Ltd 03.03.2016