The main task of the Supervisory Board is determination of the EAK´s strategy, general organisation of management and supervision of EAK activities. Members (3) of the Supervisory Board are appointed by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communication (MoEAC).

Currently the Board members are:
Ando Leppiman, MoEAC, Chair;
Triinu Sillamaa, MoEAC;
Mart Noorma, Tartu University

According to the EAK Articles of Association within the exclusive competence of the Supervisory Board are:
1) Determination of the strategy for the activities of the Foundation;
2) Approval of the annual budget;
3) Approval of the activities report and annual accounting report;
4) Approval of the rules of procedure for the Foundation;
5) Determination of the salary and terms of payment for the members of the Directorate and approval of the payroll of the personnel;
6) Appointment and removal of financial auditor(s) and definition of the rules for remuneration the auditor(s);
7) Appointment and removal of members of the Management Board.

The Supervisory Board meets according to needs, normally once per 3 months.

The Management Board consists of a sole Member - Mrs Kristiina Saarniit.


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